Looking to advertise on the Andrew Cooperrider show?

The Andrew Cooperrider show reaches thousands with every episode and offers a low-cost option in order to reach conservative Kentuckians. The Andrew Show is broadcasted daily Monday-Friday. Advertising is sold by the week and the month. Spot placement with in the show is rotated evenly between advertisers.

Ad Reads

Provide us with a 30 second script and Andrew will perform the script from his studio and plug it into his show.

Weekly: $150

Monthly: $500

Video Ads

Provide us with a 30 second video ad and we will plug it into the show. Please keep in mind that some of our listeners consume the show through an audio only format when creating your ad.

Weekly: $125

Monthly: $400

Signature Sponsor

Not only do you recieve daily ad reads or video ads, but you also will be able to place a banner ad that will be seen by the thousands that view our weekly emails. Additionally, you will have your banner ad place on our websites homepage. This package is only sold monthly and is limited to one sponsor a month.

Monthly: $1,000