Who is Andrew Cooperrider?

Andrew Cooperrider is a conservative small business owner who has gained insight, knowledge, and a passion for state politics through his involvement over the years. Many people will remember when Andrew was first thrust into the political spotlight during covid lockdowns. The State of Kentucky came into one of Andrew’s business, a coffee shop in Lexington called “Brewed”. When they ordered him to close down and lose everything Andrew stood up and said no. He refused to shut down his shop and started organizing and leading the charge to fight back against government overreach. During that process Andrew had many politicians look him in the eyes and make promises, promises that were never fulfilled. Rather than allow himself to just be another person who was lied to by a politician Andrew got involved in the electoral process. Andrew has ran for state wide elected office and has worked on many state legislative campaigns. His unique knowledge and view point brings the exact kind of opinions that Kentuckians need to be hearing in order to make a difference. Remember, all politics is local and you can make a difference.